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We understand how stressful it can be when we lose a loved one, especially when we are unsure of what to do, for some it can be a first-time life experience.

When dealing with Ese Tatupu Directors, we want to take care of your immediate needs and support you through out your time of loss.

At Ese Tatupu Funeral Directors “It’s the extra care that makes the difference”


Our Team

Our dedicated team are passionate about what we do and are committed in providing you with care, dignity and assistance that you and your loved one deserves. 

Our Services

We recognise that within our community people come from a diverse range of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

It may also be the first time your family is going through the process of making funeral arrangements.

Whatever your particular circumstances our commitment to you is to offer all possible assistance and advice in a friendly, dignified and professional manner.

"it's the extra care that makes the difference"

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Our Commitment

During this difficult time, there will be some decisions and arrangements to be made so that a dignified funeral is accorded to the departing soul. We are here to help you through the process and offer all possible assistance and professional advice.

We do recognise that within our diverse community, there are people from many different ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds and that this may be the first time the family will be going through the process of making funeral arrangements.

With many years of experience in the funeral industry, we can guarantee you quality care and service with dignity and professionalism.

What we do

Funeral Service

Burial Service

Cremation Service

Pre Arranging/Planning Funerals

Repatriation (National & International Transfers)

Exhumation (Dis-interment)

Mortuary Embalming

•Embalming (Standard, Autopsy/Post-mortem, Exhumation, Restoration, Reconstruction) •Embalming Support (National and International Funeral Homes) •Technical Embalming Support Team • Embalming Contractors

Livestreaming Services

We are a family owned and operated Funeral Home based in Auckland, New Zealand. We are proud to be firmly established in a highly recognised multi cultural community. We continually support the importance and value of customs and traditions to which each ethnic group represents - through Live Streaming Videos of Funeral Services.

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Our deepest and humblest thanks to the whole team at Ese Tatupu Funeral home for their constant empathy and understanding especially Luana and the girls, for giving us the opportunity and allowing us to mourn our dear Uncle. We were very apprehensive of where and whom to go with, but of course with the word of mouth it was then recommended we should go with your services. The entire process from day one with Luana was outstanding, we were given clear direction and instructions of what to expect from the time our dear loved one was uplifted and transferred to the funeral home. We cannot express the huge gratitude for all the assistance and guidance we were given during this time. This kind of service is exemplary and shows that your Team at Ese Tatupu are of a high level in service that exceeds anyone’s expectations. We will highly recommend you to all our family and friends without a doubt.

Saotupe Family

Fa’aleo pea le agaga ole faafetai I lau susuga ma le auaunaga I taimi o mafatiaga ona ole vala’au pa’ia ale Atua ile Atali’i. Fa’afetai ile laufofoga fiafia sa tali lumāfale le sulufa’i atu mo se feaoasoani ao taimi fo’i o le fa’ama’i. Ia alofa pea le Atua, ia to ane manū ile tino atoa fo’i ma le agaga e fai ai pea le auaunaga mo le Atunu’u. Faamanuia le Atua – Talo Unasa

With the recent passing of my dear brother Lucky, we received a lot of suggestions to use Ese Tatupu Funeral services. From the first phone call to my brother’s burial, Luana & her team have been very helpful & showed a lot of compassion towards our family but mostly Lucky. They had made things so much easier for our family during such a vulnerable time & without complications they let our family make all the decisions. We were very happy with the way they communicated with us & Luana and the girls were very welcoming. We are so thankful and grateful for your services as we definitely felt like you treated us like family & showed us so much love and respect especially for my brother and his final days earthside. Faafetai lava.

– June Unasa-Ieli & the Unasa Family x